Rural Stages”
It was very hot when we (15 international land artists) arrived end of July in northern Hungary near Eger in the small village of Noszvaj, famous for its cave-houses, digged into the underground layer of volcanic ash. A group of Hungarian artists and sculptors use the caves and surroundings as their ‘canvas’ to create artworks and we were going to do so, too.
It stayed very hot - working in one of the cool caves was pure bliss. But what to do in caves, where there are already other artworks that you don’t want to disturb, or in caves that are just empty? I wandered restlessly through the caves becoming more and more confused and my creative mind went haywire:

Confusion in Noszvaj, GNAP Hungary 2017
Confusion in Noszvaj, GNAP Hungary 2017

I sat down in a cave trying to meditate looking out the windows to focus. I created a focus point outwards and one inwards.

Looking out, GNAP Hungary 2017
Looking in, GNAP Hungary 2017

I wrote down how I felt on some old wooden lattes and hung them on the wall of a cave for all to see.

All is absurd, GNAP Hungary 2017

To stay with the concept of “Rural” - what is a more rural than straw? I used straw to gather myself spiralling inside, tapping into the strength of the cave walls.

Finding strength, GNAP Hungary 2017

Artistically it wasn’t easy for me but socially it was a huge success. I am so grateful to have met all those wonderful people. Special thanks to Kund Kopacz, Eung Woo Ri and Anni Snyman.