Urban Nature Art”

Two weeks of perfectly organized artistic bliss! I had so many ideas that my creative mind was almost exploding.
Taking place in a densely populated area near Frankfurt nature was always disturbed, therefor the title and concept “Urban Nature Art”. Even when we were deep in a forest we heard the planes approaching Frankfurt airport. It was impossible to escape civilization. So we worked with it. We went each day to another place of interest, we got an introduction into the geology or history of that place and then we (15 international land artists joined by about 10 German land artists) were let loose to create. I was on such a creative high that I often didn’t wait until explanations were done but disappeared because I just wanted to create!
I was very happy to meet some of the artists from Hungary again and made many new friends. Special thanks to Kund Kopacz and Eung Woo Ri (again) and to Imke Rust. And, of course, to organizer par excellence, Ute Ritschel.