Global Nomadic Art Project Germany 2017

Urban Nature Art”

Two weeks of perfectly organized artistic bliss! I had so many ideas that my creative mind was almost exploding.
Taking place in a densely populated area near Frankfurt nature was always disturbed, therefor the title and concept “Urban Nature Art”. Even when we were deep in a forest we heard the planes approaching Frankfurt airport. It was impossible to escape civilization. So we worked with it. We went each day to another place of interest, we got an introduction into the geology or history of that place and then we (15 international land artists joined by about 10 German land artists) were let loose to create. I was on such a creative high that I often didn’t wait until explanations were done but disappeared because I just wanted to create!
I was very happy to meet some of the artists from Hungary again and made many new friends. Special thanks to Kund Kopacz and Eung Woo Ri (again) and to Imke Rust. And, of course, to organizer par excellence, Ute Ritschel.

Global Nomadic Art Project Hungary 2017

Rural Stages”
It was very hot when we (15 international land artists) arrived end of July in northern Hungary near Eger in the small village of Noszvaj, famous for its cave-houses, digged into the underground layer of volcanic ash. A group of Hungarian artists and sculptors use the

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Paesaggi Migranti - Floating Landscapes

I am standing knee-deep in the Marecchia river, Emilia Romagna, Italy, looking for fragments of bricks. It is early summer, already quite warm, the water is refreshingly cool. We are searching for traces of human presence in a natural landscape in the form of brick debris. I carry a big plastic bag in which

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A Ruin At Die Dam

On a walk at the beach I once found the ruins of a house. A beautiful ruin of a wooden house, floor still intact, roof already missing, some windows still there, bushes growing through them into the house. A ruin telling many stories, a ruin with character. The perfect backdrop to do some wonderful land art in and around it. However, it was late and I had to leave. Since that day I wanted to go back to the ruin and sit there in its energy to find its main story and then transform the place to make that story visible.A Ruin At Die Dam

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